Psycho Sexual Disorders

Psycho sexual disorder therapy

Psycho sexual disorder therapy focuses on a wide range of sexual issues. What ever the causes. Sexual problems vary in severity and complexity, and while some may be minor and temporary – often linked to more recent experiences that have caused stress – other sexual problems will have been around for some time.

Individuals living with long-term sexual problems are often too ashamed and embarrassed to discuss their concerns with anyone – not even their partner – and this can take a toll on their sex life, relationships and well-being. Psychosexual therapy provides an outlet for people to talk about their issues and resolve all kinds of sexual problems.

Some of the sexual issues seen in psychosexual therapy include:

  • loss of sexual desire
  • painful intercourse
  • difficulties with orgasm
  • arousal disorders
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature or delayed ejaculation
  • sexual difficulties following abuse
  • general breakdown in a couple’s relationship
  • not being able to achieve penetrative sex
  • fear of sex
  • menopause
  • pregnancy and postnatal sex
  • sexuality and illness
  • sex avoidance
  • poor body image relating to intimacy.

The essential aim of therapy is to identify the root cause of a sexual problem(s) and then treat it appropriately.

Once the root cause of a sexual problem is identified, sessions will then move on to treatment. In psychosexual therapy, I will explain the physical causes of sexual problems (such as vaginal dryness) while helping clients to rethink unhelpful misconceptions about sex..

Psychosexual therapy can help individuals of all ages, sexual orientation and health. Some people may be single and not actively having sex, but can still benefit from seeing a sex therapist if something is troubling them.

Couples – whether married, cohabiting or living separately – can receive treatment together, If relationship issues are the cause of sexual problems, therapy will tackle conflict and communication difficulties as part of of the process of sex therapy.

Some individuals in relationships may prefer to see a therapist on their own to resolve their own issues rather than as a couple .  Psychosexual therapy empowers individuals and couples to deal with their sexual problems in a healthy way – helping them to work together to understand their sexual problems, better express their sexual needs and wants, and broaden their choices of sensual and sexual expression.