Control your Depression with Hypnotherapy

SD.Depression Woman 2Do you feel lonely and misunderstood?

Do you feel angry and tearful? Do you have difficulty in sleeping? Dream more and often have restless sleep? Are you always tired and exhausted?

Have you lost all enjoyment in activities you used to enjoy??

All across the Western World emotional problems are on the increase. Although increasingly more medication is being prescribed, rates of depression and other anxiety related conditions are steadily climbing. If the pills work, why are so many people still suffering?

It is also suspected that there is a high mental health cost to the side effects of the medications, intended to ease emotional suffering. In England alone, doctors dish out 31 million prescriptions every year for antidepressants, despite the complete absence of hard scientific evidence that they work any better than placebos.

Who decides what aspects of unhappiness should be medicated?

And why is the number of new psychiatric diagnoses increasing alongside the number of drugs available to treat them?

Break the Cycle of Depression now with Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • Learn how to get the rest you need to recoup lost energy.
  • Learn how to relax and rest.
  • Learn to fulfil your basic emotional needs.
  • Learn to stop worrying about unmet needs and how to actively solve problems.
  • Learn better coping strategies.

With hypnotherapy you will learn to take back full control with powerful, but gentle, techniques focused to empower you to live a more fulfilled, happier life. From the first session you will be actively uplifted and the difference will be tangible and each subsequent treatment will reinforce your commitment to break the cycle of depression for good.

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