Are You Meeting The Wrong Person in Relationships?

Do you have a history of meeting dates and prospective partners who just don’t stick around?
Sometimes it’s not so evident at the beginning.
You’ll meet someone who seems very into you. Maybe he or she alludes to long-term plans with you from the start – dropping these little comments that seem to indicate something serious is happening here:
“Wait until you meet my sister – you two will really get along.”
“Wouldn’t it be great to go on a holiday together?”
Or even…
“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about someone.”
So you get all worked up and hopeful, and you start telling people you think you might have met The One.
Are You Truly In Love With Yourself?
Hearts In True Harmony
Do you really believe – deep down – that you are worthy of the love you want?
If you blame yourself for your failed romances – picking apart everything you said or did that could have pushed someone away – then you probably don’t.
When we don’t love ourselves, we judge ourselves harshly. And we often put up with unhealthy relationships because we don’t truly believe we can do better.
If there is any part of you that feels you’re too this or not enough that ?
And then the unthinkable happens. He or she does a 180 and tells you they’re not ready for a relationship. It’s not you, it’s them. Or worse: they flake out altogether, without as much as an excuse or an explanation.
What’s going on here? You want a genuine, lasting relationship. You’re a good catch. Why does this keep happening?
What You Attract Is No Accident
It’s incredibly frustrating when you want something so badly, but you just keep getting the opposite.
This is doubly true with dating, and I know you want answers.
Are you doing something wrong? Are there just no decent, commitment-minded people out there? Or are you somehow deeply flawed or damaged – doomed to be loveless?
Well, there’s something you need to know that may be hard to hear, but ultimately can be the launching pad for you to end this painful pattern forever:
There is something within you that is causing you to keep attracting people who won’t commit.
But it’s not that there’s something wrong with you.
On the contrary, what you are experiencing is simply a negative pattern of your own creation.
And because you have created it, you can also UNDO it.
Is Your Subconscious Choosing Your Dates For You?
At some point in your life, early experiences (stemming even from childhood) and prior relationships led you to believe that finding lasting love was hard – that you had to work at it, or that people were bound to leave you, or that being happy in love was just luck of the draw.
When you are subconsciously operating from these limiting beliefs, you end up with… limited options!
Because your subconscious believes that finding and keeping a great relationship is nothing short of an impossible feat for you, it LOOKS for opportunities to prove that this is true – and steers you away from the very thing you want most.
So, you will be drawn to partners who won’t or can’t create a lasting relationship with you.
No wonder you’re frustrated and feel powerless.
But it doesn’t have to be this way. Just as you were “programmed” with these beliefs, you can also consciously reprogram new, healthier beliefs that will completely shift the kind of person you attract.
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